We're reaching out to more and more customers. Starting this weekend (Sat, June 28, 2014) we'll be at Greenfield Weekend Market in Mandaluyong City.

There's a lot of interesting buzz about this weekend market as it includes a band show and on-field film showing. The huge garden from where the weekend market vendors are set-up makes for a wide play area for kids or picnic area with family and friends.

You can find fresh organic produce, desserts, deli, natural processed foods, natural non-food products and art and crafts items and supplies. There are also lots of vendors that sell inihaw foods or homecooked meals also, so consider that already as your dine-in-the-garden treat.

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Our very own Mr. Paris Uy, President and CEO of Livegreen International Inc. has been featured in today’s news in the Philippines Star on Finding Success in Agripreneurship among other Filipino agripreneurs. The article was written by no less than Joey Concepcion, a strong advocate of Pinoy entrepreneurship.

Mr. Paris Uy, Pres. and CEO, Livegreen International Inc.

It’s very interesting to note that all these men and women behind successful agribusiness have fascinating stories to tell that motivated their start-ups. But one thing is common among them – love for man and nature – the best recipe for success, indeed. The same motivational principle holds true for Livegreen International Inc., as it drives empowerment to the Filipino farmers of Benguet by providing them adequate training in the best practices of organic farming.

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