Community Supported Organic Agriculture (CSOA)


Community-Supported Organic Agriculture

Food security and safe food consumption to the consumers;
sustained livelihood to the farmers

Community-supported Organic Agriculture is not a brand new concept; this program was introduced in the United States as early as 1980 with the idea of mutually agreed model of organic agriculture and food distribution between growers and consumers.

In the Philippines, where organic produce remain scarce and available only in weekend markets, more and more health conscious consumers are embracing this food program in order to secure themselves regular, steady and fresh supply of organic vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, the farmers and their families are secured of sustainable livelihood.

How does it work?

Green Goodness CSOA program is very simple; consumers commit support to the organic agricultural system of farmers by subscribing and paying for a package of their choice, and in return, they get a share of the harvest delivered to them weekly.

Currently, the company is seeking its customers to subscribe to any of the two available CSOA programs:

One (1) Month Trial PackP3,800

Once a week FREE delivery
    for 4 consecutive weeks within 1 month
Each delivery weighs 4 kilos of organic vegetable produce
    1.0 kilo assorted leafy (2-3 kinds)
    1.5 kilos assorted vegetable fruits (2-3 kinds)
    1.5 kilos assorted root crops (2-3 kinds)

FREE:(1) pack Vegetable Powder (Healthy alternative to MSG)
(1) pack Vegetable Noodle



What makes Green Goodness' CSOA Program Different?

Green Goodness is a brand of organic vegetables and other organic products under the management of Livegreen International Incorporated – a company that adheres to the strict standards of organic agriculture. Backed by practical experience and OCCP Certification No. 019716-1, the company continually propagates organic farming thru empowering of more and more farmers to become organic growers, providing them ample training in organic vegetable production with actual applications in the use of production systems without harm to the environment and the produce. This warranties consumers that Green Goodness products are of top quality and certified organic.

With Livegreen Technical Experts continually guiding growers and a QA Team constantly monitoring the organic farms to ensure compliance to standard organic agriculture processes and protocols, Livegreen International Incorporated is able to empower its farmers to become competitive and at par with international standards.

Organic Farming, an opportunity empowering Filipino Farmers

ASEAN Free Trade Area 2015 is a multi-lateral agreement signed by 10 ASEAN member countries to enjoin the ASEAN Economic Community' s goal of becoming a production base in the world market, thus attracting foreign direct investments to ASEAN. In that agreement all 10 ASEAN countries, including the Philippines will open their doors to one another for tariff-free trade of products and services. The ASEAN Fair Trade Area happening in 2015 has both its advantages and disadvantages. While the Philippine organic agriculture will now have a wider market base, the level of competition among ASEAN farmers and growers will be tougher. Without employing technological advancements that is much needed to stay globally competitive, the Filipino farmer's livelihood would be at stake.

Livegreen International Incorporated, a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), has approached this threat proactively and turned it into an opportunity -- empowering the Filipino farmers through the transfer of organic agricultural technology to ensure organic produce that is at par with International standards, and in turn provide them sustainable livelihood.

Through collaboration with Benguet State University and training grants from the Foundation for Sustainable Society, the company has already trained (as of this writing) 220 farmers, of whom 73 have already been certified and are now contract growers of Livegreen. These farmers are continuously being assisted by Livegreen through necessary technical supervision and supply of organic inputs to assure timely and reliable yield in order to meet local market, and become AFTA-ready.