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  • All the good reasons why you should subscribe to Community Supported Organic Agriculture

    Have you heard of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA? Since there is already a growing number of followers of organic vegetables in the Philippines, a lot have already been hearing about this CSA concept.

    There is something in common in the advocacy of organic growers in the country -- to help local farmers keep their jobs in the agricultural field. And why not, we owe it to the farmers to provide safe and nutritious foods. If not for them, who would grow our vegetables, fruits or other plant-based foods? More than just the business of distributing organic vegetables to the market, these growers make sure that the market continues to buy so the farmers may continue to grow vegetables. By subscribing to the concept of Community Supported Organic Agriculture, you are technically taking a part of this advocacy. You pre-pay your vegetable supplies to prompt the local farmers to plant them for you in the near future. Security in this concept works both ways --- your food security and the farmer's livelihood security.

  • Certified organic and non-certified organic vegetables: What you need to know

    Should you be worried if  your favorite “weekend farmer” (that is, the vegetable grower that you occasionally meet in weekend markets) whose produce he verbally claims organic is not certified?

     The answer is yes and no.