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Congratulations! By entering into the Green Goodness Direct Sales Business Opportunity Program as a Product Dealer you have conscientiously become a "Change Agent". As the word is defined, a Change Agent is "a person that acts as a catalyst for change". By helping in the Company’s advocacy of promoting healthy living through consumption of organic vegetables and products you also promote the sustainable livelihood of the Filipino farmers and the enrichment of the environment through organic agriculture. With people and planet as key benefactors of your efforts, and profit as a natural consequence, Change Agent is one title you’d be most proud to be called.

LiveGreen International, Inc.


The Company’s General Information

Livegreen International Incorporated started from humble beginnings as a small grower and distributor of organic vegetables. Through hard work and dedication to the causes of health, ecology harmony and care, the Company was able to grow its production capacity and expanded its distribution channels. Its brand Organicus, which in the beginning were only distributed in The Landmark and SM Supermarkets, are now available in other leading supermarket chains in Metro Manila namely Robinsons, Rustan’s and Shopwise, Landers, Waltermart, Metro Gaisano in Taguig and SM Hypermarkets.


With the training of more organic growers resulting in increased production volume, Livegreen is expanding its distribution channels to the direct market. Through various business concepts, the Company came up with another brand: Green Goodness. This brand will be made exclusive to institutional customers in the food service industry as well as retail customers through retail stores, product dealers, and online selling.

Green Goodness Asia Green Goodness is the brand that will offer the following organic and natural products:

Fresh raw vegetables
Juicing packs
Community Supported Organic Agriculture (CSOA) Packages
Ready to eat food packs
Ready to cook mixed vegetable packs
Fresh salad packs in individual and party size servings
Rice bran oil
Vegetable noodles
Vegetable powder (as healthy alternative to msg)
Potted plants for urban gardening
Organic fertilizer
Other organic personal care products like toothpaste

The Direct Sales Business Opportunity Program

While nature provides us with never-ending supply of fresh produce, the interception of commercialism paved the way in making conventionally-grown vegetables available to the market in great number. Needless to say, these kinds of vegetables are detrimental to one’s health, being grown with heavy use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Due to the widespread awareness of the ill effects of conventional vegetables to the body and the promotion of wellness in all aspects, including the avoidance of early onset of chronic diseases, more and more consumers are now rethinking their food consumption. The proliferation of successful businesses engaged in selling health products and services like supplements, fitness aids, and health programs only prove that the market for the same is growing in a steady rate.

The institutional and retail market for organic vegetables is far and wide; the food service industry or retail customers will be the main target market of Product Dealers.

Business OpportunitiesIndividual and retail customers include:

Athletes and fitness experts or enthusiasts
Mothers that are health conscious for their children
Individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension
Cancer patients
Families and friends

Institutional and food service customers include:

Hotels (5-star/ 3-star)
Resorts engaged in the promotion of ecotourism
Vegetarian restaurants and/or cafe
High-class restaurants and /or cafe
Catering services
Natural product stores
Fitness gym and/or Day spa with healthy food service operation


The business is very simple

The Green Goodness Asia Direct Sales Business Opportunity ProgramThe Green Goodness Direct Sales Business Opportunity Program has a business model that is simple. All independent Product Dealers accredited by Livegreen International Incorporated will purchase products from the Company at Dealer’s Price and then sell the products directly to customers at suggested retail price. This is direct sales and many companies worldwide have successfully used this business model to help those looking for business opportunities, like home-based mothers, working students and retirees augment their personal income. One only needs to set a good business plan and work on flexible hours to achieve personal growth and financial success.

The Green Goodness product Dealer will provide his/her clients or customers with personalized service of getting their orders and delivering the goods to their agreed place.

Green Goodness direct sales business costs as little as P3,800.00 to begin. With this amount you will be provided with:

  • A variety of products that you can consume or sell
  • Half day basic product and business training
  • A business kit containing a set of product information that can be used as sales presentation material
  • Initial set of product flyers for marketing distribution
  • Additional sales materials are readily available in the company where you can buy at cost for your marketing purposes.

Quick 5-step Business Process

In order to jumpstart your Green Goodness Direct Sales business, you only need to accomplish the following steps:

Attend a half day business briefing at the Livegreen International Incorporated head office in Quezon City
Fill out the Dealer Accreditation Form and submit with valid identification (photocopied valid ID, proof of billing)
Pay P 3,800.00 for the business package and collect your business kit
Start purchasing your products

For more information please accomplish the "contact us form" so we could send you more details about this exciting business opportunity. Please be assured that we value your privacy so your information will be strictly confidential and will not be sold to any third party.

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