Mini in size, big in taste: The micro cucumbers

We're happy to introduce the latest produce in our list -- the micro cucumber.

These are considered the world's smallest cucumber with origin reportedly coming from South America and cultivated over 3,000 years. By closer look and depending on its location of harvest, it resembles a tiny watermelon. But our harvest looks more like a "kamias". It is basically a cucumber but is closely related to the melon family.

But despite its size, approximating 1 inch in length, the micro cucumber is surprisingly big in flavor.  The taste is much like the Japanese cucumber with just a very light touch of sourness as it ripens. Proof that it is packed with vitamins C and A.

How should you consume?

Those who are fans of this tiny wonder simply enjoy them as a raw snack. You can too by simply tossing or dipping them in your favorite salad dressing or cheese fondue. They add a nice cruch to salads greens along with the unique contrasting flavor. 

Apart from eating the micro cucumbers raw, you can also enjoy them pickled. The pickled micro cucumbers are best paired with any roasted chicken or pork. Or just like your regular pickles, slice them thinly and add in your sandwich layers. Still, the size of this organic vegetable should not limit your culinary creativeness. You can also include them in your stir-fry vegetables, add them to vegetable smoothie or turn them into homemade ice cream. For the weight watchers, include slices of it in your water along with lemon and mint leaves for that appetite-curbing drink.

Micro cucumbers are now available in supermarkets under the brand Organicus and through online ordering under the brand Green Goodness.

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