All the good reasons why you should subscribe to Community Supported Organic Agriculture

Have you heard of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA? Since there is already a growing number of followers of organic vegetables in the Philippines, a lot have already been hearing about this CSA concept.

There is something in common in the advocacy of organic growers in the country -- to help local farmers keep their jobs in the agricultural field. And why not, we owe it to the farmers to provide safe and nutritious foods. If not for them, who would grow our vegetables, fruits or other plant-based foods? More than just the business of distributing organic vegetables to the market, these growers make sure that the market continues to buy so the farmers may continue to grow vegetables. By subscribing to the concept of Community Supported Organic Agriculture, you are technically taking a part of this advocacy. You pre-pay your vegetable supplies to prompt the local farmers to plant them for you in the near future. Security in this concept works both ways --- your food security and the farmer's livelihood security.

But why subscribe when you can buy your regular vegetable supply in your local market or grocery?

The thing is, most vegetables in your local market and grocery stores are conventionally grown. They are not the same with organic vegetables in terms of quality, nutrition and safety of consumption. Pesticides were used in the growth process of conventional vegetables. This is the very reason why organic advocates are adamant in their cause for promoting organic food consumption. Eating organic vegetables and fruits is now a big part of health and wellness movements; that if you're into it already then might as well consume all organic food.

Weekend market: Not everyone has the time

If you are already one with the advocates, chances are you frequent the weekend markets. There you can find wide array of organic vegetables and fruits, and some non-fresh organic processed foods. If your schedule permits, a stroll in these weekend markets already makes for your "me" time, otherwise it's just another day "in the market". But you've got to admit that on some days you really have no time. If you're strictly keeping a healthy, organic all-vegetable diet, a now-you-eat-now-you-don't scheme may make your diet fail. 

Organic vegetables delivered straight to your doorstep

More than just the organic food security, subscribing to a Community Supported Organic Agriculture program saves you lots of time going to your favorite whole foods store or weekend markets because they are delivered straight to your home. Since you paid your vegetable supplies in advance all you have to do next is just wait for your weely deliveries.

There's an element of surprise too . . .

You might be accustomed to getting the kind of vegetables you want week after week for your home menu; the same is important in budgetting your spending. However with a CSOA program, you're in for little surprises every week or until your program ends. This means you do not know exactly what specific kinds of vegetables you will receive every delivery. That is because not all vegetables grow in the same season or at the same time; some grow earlier or later than others. But with the Green Goodness CSOA program you're guaranteed to get this set of vegetables every week:

    1.0 kl. of assorted Leafy vegetables

    1.5 kls. of assorted Vegetable-fruits

    1.5 kls. of Roo tcrops 

Here's one example how your weekly supplies may look like, courtesy of our current subscriber. See at just how fresh the vegetables look.

 Photo credit:

This set shows 2 types of lettuces, a bunch of polunchay, 2 medium cabbage, at least 1 dozen tomatoes, 6 large carrots, large zuchinni, 2 cucumbers, about 3 sweet beets, sweet potatoes, red and green bell peppers. It's not really hard to see what vegetable menu you can come up with by just looking at this set. So you shouldn't worry too much what you'll get per delivery. There are so many food preparations for vegetables, you just have to be creative. You may also like to explore juicing your vegetables if you don't feel like cooking them. 

Interested to get started on Community Supported Agriculture program? Head on to our CSOA page to know more.


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