Don't let your health partners sit in the fridge! Go eat your veggies!

 There’s so much vegetables can do for you

Fruits and Veggies

 We eat to first provide nutrition to the body and please our palates second. Unless we stick to this mindset, we will always endanger our health by simply eating “what we want” – sweet, fatty or salty. Loading our diet with vegetables helps balance out everything else we dangerously subject our bodies to, bad diet and stress included. Vegetables are valid health partners: fiber for healthy digestion, protein for energy and phytochemicals to act as anti-oxidant and detox agents. Vegetables are everything you need to have a strong and healthy body.  

Love your vegetables

A meat-heavy diet increases your chances of developing cancer --- at least keep this in mind if you’re looking for a good reason to love your vegetables. If you value your health that much then find a way to introduce vegetables in your diet slowly but steadily. In fact the best tasting meat-based dishes are enhanced by the natural flavors and aroma of vegetables and herbs put in it. And if you want to get the full benefits of vegetables then it is best suggested that you eat them raw.

Here are some of the suggested ways you can slowly add vegetables into your diet and gradually increase the portion while lessening the meat.

As a starter: The usual mix of green leafies and other salad vegetables are perfect to provide you satiety with absolutely no calorie load-up. With the wide variety of healthy salad dressings to choose from, your vegetable starter will be as enjoyable as your main course. Green Ice and Romaine lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, steamed okra, carrots and tomatoes  go well together with either a vinaigrette or low-calorie thousand island dressing.

Cooking with herbs: Want to increase the nutritional values of your meals? Then cook them with herbs. Some of the herbs well suited for your dishes are highly potent that just a mere addition of them instantly delivers healthy meal to your table. Some of these herbs include basil, turmeric, lemon grass and rosemary just to name a few.

Don’t let your vegetables just be a fridge mainstay; consume them regularly for all they’re worth. If you will learn to love them, they will love you back by taking care of you.