Everyone's re-thinking healthy eating. Why aren't you?

Healthy Lifestyle
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Refuse to be a product of a fast-paced, pleasure-seeking lifestyle                        

Well, we know just what this lifestyle is made of: fast-food, alcohol, high-sugar drinks and process foods, overworked with hardly any exercise and what have you. While this lifestyle seems to be too fitting for this day and age, they prove to be destructive to our health too. Our ever-growing impatience tends us to want everything at a snap of our fingers. At the grocery store, we choose to buy the ready-to-eat food as opposed to preparing freshly cooked meals. At home, instead of snacking on fruits or raw veggies, we’d choose the salty chips. Instead of preparing a pitcher of fresh lemonade we’d opt for the high-sugar powdered drinks. Even some produce like vegetables and fruits and live stocks are produced using harmful chemicals, yet we pick them out without hesitations simply because we lack the time to learn and care how they were commercially produced. It’s easy to think that what are readily available are the only choices we’ve got; convenience has taken over caring for our own health. We pay no mind to the long term threats of these “seemingly” convenient choices until they’re too late.

Refuse to be part of the bad statistic

Refuse to be a part of the bad statistic

Based on current reports by agencies monitoring the life expectancy at birth, Filipinos on the average may live up to age 69, with heart disease, stroke and cancer as the top 3 causes of death in that order. If you’d think about it, 69 is such a young age; some would have just retired from work at 65 and are still enjoying their prime. If you are just in your late 30’s and considering doing yourself a favor now, to be thankful for in the future by keeping a healthy lifestyle, then you’re likely to outlive this general statistic.

Make the organic shift

How good it is for Mother Nature to continuously supply us with top quality produce so that we would always have a wide supply of nutritious food in vegetables and fruits. Making the organic shift means taking the responsibility to learn how the food you eat are being grown and processed. Stop putting your life in the hands of those who do not care what the long term ill effects of bad foods are to an individual. Instead, fight for your right for healthier food and longer life.

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It’s your body; you own it and you always have a choice.