Garbage in, Cancer out: Is your body full of junk?

Research has it that at least one-third of the cancer-causing diseases are attributed to poor eating habits. We spend majority of our day eating, at least 5 to 6 times or more. Could it be that we are setting ourselves up to the “cancer trap”? Are we turning our bodies into a trash bin of unhealthy foods to serve as breeding ground for cancer cells?

Garbage In, Cancer out
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Not enough vegetables and fruits in your diet

This is a food fact: vegetables are power foods. They are the best source of phytonutrients, the chemical compounds present in plant-based foods responsible for strengthening the immune system of the body so that threats of diseases are kept at bay. Apart from these, vegetables and fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. But be wary of commercially-grown vegetables and fruits, majority of them are chemically-treated and are proven harmful to the body. 100% or certified organic produce are your best choice when including them in your diet.


Obesity doesn’t just refer to being extremely overweight; in fact, just a 20% increase in your ideal weight is enough to categorize you as “light obese”. Being overweight signals that something has gone wrong in your system – stored fats, high bad cholesterol, fatty liver, increased sugar in blood and poor metabolism just to name a few. Being obese puts risk in the metabolic organs and systems of your body. Be in this state and you increase your chances of being diagnosed with a chronic disease or cancer.

Processed Foods

Meat loaf, hotdogs and sausages, sauces and mixes and even the junk foods we mindlessly munch on are just some of our guilty pleasures. Because these are commercial products that are produced and typically requiring  to have long shelf life, expect them to be made with chemical preservatives that increase the risk in developing colon cancer.

Genetically – modified organisms

We may not be fully aware but almost half of what we consume on a daily basis is genetically-modified. Both plant-based produce and livestock are genetically modified in order to add commercial value to the product or to increase yield to meet demand just to name two. However, this method of food production is linked to risk of tumor growth that might eventually lead to cancer. While these kinds of foods are commercially legal, you can avoid them altogether by consuming only 100% organic produce.

Soda Drinks

We all know just what is a soda drink is made of – lots and lots of sugar, the food of cancer cells. Likewise soda drinks are too acidic for the body that is why you find yourself “burping” at the first gulp of this cold, high-sugar beverage. Needless to say that cancer cells also thrive in an acidic environment. Like the processed foods, soda drinks are made with additives that are harmful to the body upon build-up.

What you don’t know COULD hurt you!

Treat your body as what it really is an environment for living cells responsible to keep you healthy and strong. And just anything else with life in it, you need to create a healthy balance inside your body for your cells to function normally and combat diseases. Supply it with unhealthy food and imagine your own cells lose their natural function; little by little you’ll start noticing depletion in your health.  The reason is clear and there is just no other way to put it.

Are you guilty of these bad eating habits? If so, then make that bold step to make a “lifestyle shift”. It’s your body; you own it and thus control it. Health is always a better choice.

Here’s a food pyramid guide to healthy eating that you can begin practicing. By sticking to this food eating guide you’re less likely to develop any chronic diseases.

Food Pyramid
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