Why organic farming? What's in it for the farmer and the masses?

Livegreen International Incorporated believes that one should eat not just fresh or good-looking produce, but one that is clean, safe to eat and nutritious.

Sadly, there is not enough commercial volume of organic produce in the market. The farmers who manually labor and are the main tillers of the agricultural farm are no longer benefiting and earning a decent livelihood from it due to the practice of commercialism in the industry. In the current economic equation of this industry, only the market manipulators and middle men are benefiting from the farmers' labor. Because of this, more and more farmers are now leaving the industry, discouraging even their children to continue a career in agriculture. Likewise, the commercialism in this industry approves the excessive use of synthetic chemicals that significantly harm not only the produce but also Mother Nature, the living source of food we eat – rice, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Livegreen's advocacy is not just to bring back life to the soil but also bring back to farmers a steady source of livelihood through organic farming. This starts by developing and rehabilitating the soil, by re-introduction of live micro-organisms into it thru organic inputs so that life and balance are restored in the soil the way Mother Nature designed it. This, in turn, guarantees and provides us with safe and healthy produce each time.

The Company also subscribes to the agricultural system of "cradle to cradle" design. This means that Livegreen ensures the protection and care of the environment through the use of farming methods that are not only efficient but likewise fundamentally waste-free and hazard-free.

The Company owes this cause to its champion -- the consumers. For each amount of money they spend on buying organic produce equates to the health benefits of organic food consumption, as well as the protection and preservation of the environment, the providing of steady livelihood to the farmers and sustainability to the drivers of this advocacy – an advocacy that is true in every sense: A Lifestyle of Health and Sustainable Development